Service for clubs and players

Promotion and advertising

Promotion is an integral part of the sports world, thanks to which clubs and players will become aware not only of the sports, but also of the general public.We know that advertising is also very important for clubs in order to get interesting sponsorship partners.

In cooperation with our contract partner Monneli Group s.r.o., we are able to ensure all advertising and promotion in the field of professional sport. In the form of graphics, audio video and production of sports events.

Financial advice

We also provide financial advice to our players. Under the guidance of experienced financial advisers, you will learn how to properly manage the money you raise during your sporting career. They will advise you on how to remain financially secure beyond the end of your career, in the event of an accident or a complete cessation of active activity.
Every person needs the provision and appreciation of free funds during his or her life. Securing income in sickness or old age, the security of personal property including housing, short-term necessary financial resources, etc. All this will be the result of a financial advice service.
We make sure that the financial adviser has not only expertise, but also an ethical approach and personal responsibility to his profession, and above all to his clients.

Orthopaedic services

Health is the most important thing for players and in top sport, it is doubly true. Therefore, we offer the services of our doctor and orthopaedist, who is primarily focused on the treatment of the musculoskeletal system.