About us

Our team consists of experienced professional players who have already ended their careers but remain in the world of sport. They want to pass on their experiences to the young generation and teach it how to move around this not always welcoming environment.

The aim of our company MIB profisport is to help promising and successful players how to play in the best clubs anywhere in the world, provide them with facilities and sufficient support.

Another not insignificant part of working with players is to take care of their promotion. Advertising is an integral part of the sports world, thanks to which they will become known not only to the sports, but also to the general public. The possibility of financial advice is an equally important part of our philosophy. This business is an essential part of finance and young people need to learn how to handle money properly from the beginning of their sports career.

Our team wants to work with such players who love the sport. They want to invest their time in it and give it their full attention. We will make sure that these players have the best possible conditions and become real professionals at the best clubs around the world.